Heaven Sent Taxis

The Akron famous taxi in all its glory

This site is to provide info and services about Heaven Sent Taxis
  1. Fast response time
    We are a company that believes the customer should always be ahead of schedule at the very least on time. So weather it a meeting,airport or a trip to one of the surrounding states were here to get you there on time! So give us a call today!
  2. Vast fleet
    We have the best team of service providers Summit County has to offer. They are polite, precise, and most importantly very well trained drivers. The safety of all our patron and themselves is the #1 priority. So put your trust in this team and give us a call today!
  3. Great Prices
    We are a community based Company who believe that the customer should never be overly charged for a ride. We have the lowest prices in Summit County. We know everyone likes to save money whenever they can. So save today and give us a call
  4. Pets welcome
    Pets are also welcome. We love animals and know that a lot of people like to travel with theirs.Maybe you need to to get your pet to the hospital or vet visit. We are here for our four legged friends and their owners give us a call today!
Our Service Map

Let us know where you want to go and we'll take you there!

Summit county and Beyond

We Will Travel Across The United States

We are Based in summit county . Yet we will take you to anyone of the surrounding states. Perhaps  you missed your bus or plane or just wasnt enough time to use one of those services. Give us a call today we will get you there!